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‘80% of global Indians aim to invest in India’

About 80% of respondents who participated in an HSBC survey conducted among 4,152 global Indians said they would make investments in India.

Some 32% of third-generation global Indians said they were planning to increase their investments in India to a ‘great deal’ in the next three years. About 76% said factors such as environmental, social initiatives, or fund availability would impact their investment decisions for India, the study found.

First-generation (45%), second-generation (38%) and third-generation (32%) of global Indian respondents said friends and family would determine their investment plans for India. According to the study, global Indians are planning to make a range of sustainable investments in both India and their country of residence in the next two years.

About 39% of respondents said they had plans to live in India in the future but retire in their current country of residence, as they were concerned about the quality of life and safety.

Prior to the pandemic, 69% had visited India at least once in every two years, 10% visited every six months, while 4% never visited India.

Three-fifths (61%) of global Indians are planning to live in India in future. Some 45% of the participants had sent money to friends or family in India, the study found.

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