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Afterlife Star Mckenna Grace Says Her Hardest Scene to Film Was Deleted

There are very few movies made these days that don’t leave almost as much on the cutting room floor as makes it to screen, and that usually leads to someone hoarding it away for the DVD/Blu-ray extras, subsequent director’s cuts and anniversary editions. Ghostbusters: Afterlife appears to be no exception to that rule after star Mckenna Grace revealed that one of the hardest scenes she had to film, which heavily featured working with a proton pack, was one that eventually had to be cut from the movie. With so many nods to the original Ghostbusters included in the final cut, there are likely many more to be seen in future home releases along with the one Grace revealed had been removed during a recent interview with Collider.

“My hardest scene was one that got cut out as well,” she said. “Yeah, there was a whole bit where I took the proton pack out into a field. And that was so… that was like an entire day of just lugging this huge thing. I had like, red marks all up and down my shoulders afterwards, like my shoulders were raw from it rubbing because they were like, do you need the light pack? And I was like, no, it looks better with the heavy pack, and it was just me like running through this field with this thing on for – and the acting, like doing that is so hard, it’s just – and he’s like be louder! You know, it was really difficult, there was like, bugs all over my legs, but it was still like, the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”


Of course, for hardcore fans of the franchise, any footage involving the iconic weapon of choice of the Ghostbusters that has been left out of the film will be something that they will want to see at some point in the future, in whatever capacity it comes, but it is likely that the scene was cut for a reason, which could most likely be down to time or pacing of the overall movie. The proton packs have been a favorite of movie fans since making their first appearance in 1984, to the point that Hasbro are currently taking preorders on the very first official full-scale version of Egon Spengler’s Proton Pack, which combined with the recently released Proton Wand sets up the kind of thing any child of the 80s could only dream about when the franchise was at its height.

It is essentially that love of the series that will bring audiences into cinemas to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Some have called the movie fan service, too involved with its links to the original movie to be a series hit with new fans, and other similar comments, but that is exactly what audiences have been shouting out for, it is what they are expecting and if Ghostbusters: Afterlife delivers that then what else really matters?

From the numerous TV spots and trailers released so far, Ghostbusters: Afterlife looks like enough fun to warrant a couple of hours in a dark room for a little bit of escapism, which in the end is what films like this are all about. The movie is now playing in movie theaters.

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