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Authentic Bengali Cuisines You Must Try During Durga Puja

Durga Puja has started and one can almost smell the Kans grass in the meadows, which signals the arrival of goddess Durga to the plains from her heavenly abode in Kailash. Another scent synonymous with the Durga Puja holidays is of mouth-watering traditional Bengali cuisines. Below, we share five such cuisines that are must-try during this festive season.

Khichuri or Bhog

Khichuri or Khichdi is a traditional fare during Durga Puja celebrations, especially in homes where the goddess’s idol is worshipped. Khichuri is prepared as an offering to the goddess Durga and is called “Bhog.” Later, the food is distributed among the Puja attendees. Khichuri is made with Atop rice, mung dal, potatoes, cauliflower and spices.


Another quintessential Durga Puja cuisine is Pulao. This sweetened rice dish is prepared using Atop rice, saffron, rose water and nuts and spices. The aromatic rice item is usually served with side dishes made with paneer, fish or chicken. Pulao is cooked in most households during Durga Puja.

Luchi and Cholar Dal

Luchi is a thin fried flatbread made with refined wheat flour or Maida. The Luchi bread pieces are made by kneading dough and preparing round flattened discs from it. These discs are then fried in heated oil or ghee. Cholar Dal is a lentil dish made with Bengal grams or split chickpeas. This is an incredibly popular cuisine that most Bengali people swear by and relish at home during the Durga Puja holidays.

Muri Ghonto

This is a traditional dish that dates back ages and is made with atop rice and fish head. Once the rice gets boiled, the fish head is fried in mustard oil and spices and mixed with it.

Aamer Chutney

Aamer Chutney is an indigenous sauce made with mangoes. It is prepared with sliced raw mangoes, which are fried in oil and then boiled in water. Sugar, mustard seeds and fried spices are added to it. The tangy-flavoured chutney is served at the end of a heavy meal.

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