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British Actor Sabrina Aloueche Shares Heart-warming Story of Her Train Journey to London

British actor Sabrina Aloueche recently travelled on a train and shared her experience on the microblogging site Twitter. Once she boarded the train, she said that she slept immediately and had no idea about her belongings. The story is going viral on Twitter. Let’s shed more light on it. The actor said that she was returning from London when, after entering the coach, she didn’t realise that she had left her bag open on the table in front of her. And she slept during her 4-hour journey.

Besides the bag, her phone, too, was kept on the table. Sabrina slept while listening to songs, without any idea about who was sitting around her. She woke up when the train was about to reach Euston. When she opened her eyes, she saw a man sitting across the table. There were some passengers at a distance and some empty seats as well. What Sabrina found shocking was that the man of all seats decided to sit across from her.

She immediately checked her stuff which was in its place. She found the man weird and scary but as her station approached and she prepared to deboard the train, the man said that he did not want to scare her, adding that he sat there because her belongings were kept open while she slept.

Sabrina was surprised to hear those words. In her post, she said that the man kept sitting there the entire time so that she could sleep peacefully.

This post has gone viral and people are appreciating the man, saying it is difficult to find such people in today’s time. There were some others, however, who said that the man came to stock Sabrina or steal her stuff but cooked up a story when she woke up.

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