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Divyenndu Sharma Posts a Striking Message Against ‘Macho’ Image of Men

Divyenndu Sharma’s Mirzapur character Munna Bhaiya might propagate toxic masculinity on the surface, but the actor is the complete opposite in real life. On International Men’s Day, the actor posted a video urging men to talk about their issues instead of portraying a tough, macho image all the time.

Taking to Instagram, Divyenndu shared a video message with a sarcastic approach. The actor said, “We men, just don’t talk” highlighting how men hide their vulnerabilities unlike something what Munna Bhaiya would ever encourage.

In the video, Divyenndu says, “Aisa nahi hai ki humein kisi ne roka hai, to reveal what we are going through.. it’s a self-exercised choice, boss! To not talk and let the world know that we could also be weak, kyunki mard hain na.” He used the sarcastic tone to motivate all men to share what they go through.

Divyenndu shared how men hide their emotions because they don’t want to be the odd ones out in the socially constructed idea of masculinity. “There’s an image of men that keeps getting propagated – that we are tough, macho and rock solid. People make it seem like when a man opens up he is ‘weak’. This leads to us men never seeking help even if we need to. Fighting all our battles alone. On this #InternationalMensDay, we urge men to have open and honest conversations about their feelings, their struggles, and their experiences. Men, let’s talk,” his Instagram post read.

Divyenndu has finally carved a niche for himself in the film industry, thanks to his breakthrough role of a hot-headed gangster ‘Munna Tripathi’ in Mirzapur. Despite playing an utterly despicable character, Divyenndu’s performance as the emotionally volatile Munna bhaiya has been a favourite with the audience.

When asked if he was ever scared that the viewers might get inspired by his character, Divyenndu told News18 last year, “I definitely feel scared. Because the kind of messages that I receive from fans are often very influenced. I was recently shooting in Benaras, two 13 or 14-year-old boys came to me and said, ‘Thank you sir, aap logon se bahut inspire hote hain Mirzapur mein.’ So, I got a little scared and started wondering whether they were getting inspired by my character or me.”

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