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How To Use Apple iPhone Camera To Make UPI Payments

With the arrival of iOS 15, Apple has brought some really cool features to iPhones’ camera app. From improved panorama features to extracting text from the camera viewfinder (LiveText), iOS 15’s camera is packed with yet another powerful feature – UPI payments.

As you may have guessed, this feature is special for people using the UPI payments service that is now available in 10 more countries other than India. With iPhone’s new update, you do not need to open your UPI app to scan a merchant or receiver’s QR code, that work is done by camera now. However, you still need to keep UPI payment apps to finish the payment.

There is still one option to avoid downloading any dedicated UPI payment app entirely if you are a WhatsApp user as the chat app also offers UPI payments. Not just WhatsApp, UPI payments are also offered by Truecaller as well. Users can also expect UPI payments to be supported by Apple Pay when the manufacturer’s payment service arrives in India.

If you want to use this newly introduced feature in iPhone’s camera, in a few simple steps, you can let your iPhone camera relay payment instructions to your most recent UPI payment app.

1. On your iPhone, launch the Camera app.

2. Point it to a UPI payment QR code.

3. As soon as your iPhone camera identifies that there is a UPI QR code in the viewfinder, you will see a button with the name of your most recently used UPI Payment app. It could be either Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, BHIM or any other UPI app you use.

Click on the button.

4. A pop-up will appear saying “Camera” wants to open “Google Pay (or another UPI app that you used most recently). Touch on ‘Open.’

5. Next, the UPI app will open and you will be taken to its payment screen. Its interface will be the same that you see just after you scan a UPI QR code from the UPI payment app. Verify the name of the receiver, enter the amount and press ‘Pay’ or ‘Next’ depending upon your UPI app.

6. Enter your UPI PIN and soon you will see a payment confirmation page.

Congratulations, you have successfully made the payment. Integrating UPI QR recognition is seamless and easier than opening UPI payment apps and then letting their homepage load before you can access their scan QR button. Many Android devices, like Xiaomi, too have QR code recognition built-in in the camera app. However, scanning a UPI QR code with them does not prompt to open a UPI app but it only shows a copyable text of UPI payment details, which is not so useful.

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