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THIS Twitter feature will help you earn money; here’s how | Technology News

New Delhi: After being available for a brief time on iOS exclusively, Twitter has now made the ‘Tips’ function available to Android users. All users now have access to Twitter Tips, which allows them to receive payments, including cryptocurrency. On the Twitter profile page, the ‘Tips’ symbol is immediately next to the Follow button.

Twitter users can link their payment profiles via the Tips feature. Bandcamp, Cash App, Chipper, Patreon, Razorpay, Wealthsimple Cash, and Venmo are among the payment services that are supported. There will be no commission taken from the tips you receive through Twitter.

Strike also allows users to tip with Bitcoin. Strike is a global payment platform that allows people in El Salvador and the United States to make rapid and free payments (excluding Hawaii and New York). To transfer tips to someone’s Strike account, you can use any Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

Here’s how to enable Tips feature on Twitter and earn money

1. Go to your Twitter account’s page.

2. Select ‘Edit profile’ from the drop-down menu.’

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit on Tips. To activate it, accept the ‘General Tipping Policy.’

4. Toggle Turn on tips, then select the third-party service(s) you want to use.

5. Fill in the username for your third-party service. For the Tips icon to appear on your Twitter profile, you must have at least one username input.

How to tip someone on Twitter

To tip someone on Twitter, make sure the Tips symbol is turned on in their profile. When you tap the Tips symbol, you’ll be taken to the app or website of the third-party payment service you’ve chosen. After that, you can choose the appropriate tip amount.

As per Twitter, “When you send Bitcoin through Strike, you’ll be able to switch between seeing the currency in Satoshi (Sats) or BTC. Also, you’ll also be able to copy someone’s Bitcoin address and paste their address into whatever Bitcoin wallet you use.”

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