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‘We Keep Cracking Jokes Even Now’

Long before she made audiences fall in love with Anupamaa, Rupali Ganguly won millions of hearts for playing Monisha Sarabhai. The actress continues to be remembered as the iconic Monisha of the small screen from the popular comedy serial, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Recently, the main cast of the show got together for a reunion. Rupali shared a couple of pictures frok the memorable day.

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Speaking to The Times of India, Rupali revealed the reunion was in plans for six months on their WhatsApp group before it actually happened. First, it was the pandemic and its second wave and after that they all waited to get fully vaccinated before they met. The reunion further got pushed due to the individual professional commitment of the members. Finally, Rupali reached out to the show director and the entire team got together at his place.

Asked about any third season in the making, Rupali said, “Well, everyone’s too busy for the third season of Sarabhai. It’s been 17 years since the show and we are blessed to be sitting together and clicking pictures with each other.” She added, “We are always in our characters while chatting, too. I am always hoping for a third season and I keep on manifesting it.”

Speaking about her current popular show Anupamaa, Rupali’s character gels well with Anuj Kapadia, played by Gaurav Khanna.

She was asked if the camaraderie could get a romantic turn in the future. Rupali said, “I have no idea about that. It all depends on the makers.” She said as a viewer she would want Anuj and Anupamaa to be together but the final call is taken by show producer Rajan Shahi.

Speaking about the unconventional casting of the show, she recalled when Gaurav came on board. Rupali told the makers at the time that she feels he looks too young next to Anupamaa but it all turned out well.

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