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When Chandra Grahan Will Peak and Where to Watch it Online in India

On the intervening evenings of November 18 and 19, the Earth’s moon will experience a partial lunar eclipse, marking the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century. Though partial lunar eclipses are not as striking as total lunar eclipses — in which the Moon is entirely obscured by Earth’s shadow – they are more regular.

The eclipse will be observed from any position where the moon emerges above the horizon during the eclipse, depending on the weather. It will happen early or later in the evening, depending on the time zone.

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North and South America, Australia, and portions of Europe and Asia will be able to see the spectacle. The eclipse will reach its maximum at 4:02 am EST (02:32 pm). The event will last around three and a half hours.

A Super Flower Moon rises over the Makapuu lighthouse in east Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S., May 26, 2021. (Image: Reuters)

The most recent lunar eclipse occurred on May 26, with the “Super Flower Blood Moon.”

When to see the 2021 Lunar Eclipse in India?

Most of the world would be able to see the eclipse since it is the longest. Unfortunately, India is not in that category. India will witness the eclipse at the very finale.

The penumbral lunar eclipse, in which the Earth’s umbra blankets the moon, will begin at 11:32 am IST on November 19, followed by the partial lunar eclipse at 12:48 pm. T

he eclipse will peak around 2:32 pm, with the partial eclipse ending at 4:17 pm. Because the eclipse will be below the horizon, it will not be seen in India during any of these periods.

However, the penumbral eclipse is projected to complete around 5:33 pm, and by then, the moonrise would have occurred, thus people in portions of north India and most of east India would only be able to witness only a part of the penumbral portion of the lunar eclipse.

The eclipse would not be seen across the whole west and south of India. These spectators can, however, use the internet to view the live stream of the phenomenon.

Where to watch Lunar Eclipse online?

You can view the Lunar Eclipse by visiting the Nasa Live Stream. You may also watch a live stream by going to timesanddate.com and following these links below:



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