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‘Whistleblower’ Tathagata Roy’s ‘Goodbye’ Tweet Creates Flutter in West Bengal BJP

Former governor and senior BJP leader Tathagata Roy’s tweet saying “goodbye West Bengal BJP” on Saturday has sparked speculation about his possibility of quitting the party.

Speaking to News18.com, Roy said, “I have nothing to elaborate about my tweet. It’s very clear.”

In the context of why he is not categorically clearing his stand (whether he is leaving the BJP), Roy – contrary to what Humphry Davy had said (Language is not only the vehicle of thought, it is a great and efficient instrument in thinking) – said, “Language is imperfect vehicle of thought and I am not going to say a single word apart from what I had mentioned in my tweet.”

On Saturday morning, Roy tweeted in Bangla, which said, “My series of tweets were not to get applause from anyone. I was trying to make my party (BJP) aware of a section of people in the party who are after ‘Kamini-Kanchan’ (lust and greed). I am eager to wait for the municipal elections. As of now..goodbye to West Bengal BJP!”

Recently in a conversation with News18.com correspondent, Roy maintained that he is sure about a set of people in the BJP which includes a few old-timers who are after power, money and women.

“Of course, I am not doing it (making bold statements against a few BJP leaders) irresponsibly. I am doing it based on information,” he had said.

When asked what will be his stand if BJP challenges his ‘bold and big allegations’ against party leaders, he said, “I am under no obligation. But the point is did the party challenge me? They haven’t, right? But why haven’t they challenged (my allegations)… ask this question yourself and ask this question to the party… why haven’t the party (BJP) challenged me?”

In the context of whom he is hinting at in the party who are after power, money and women, he had said, “It includes both the turncoats and the old-timers… leaders from both the categories are there.”

Recently, Roy tweeted, “Any political party, inclg BJP, has 2 sets of people. Those who have come to give something (labour/intellect) & those who want to get something (power/money/women). It is not possible in practice to exclude the 2nd category entirely. However, the leadership must know who is which.”

His tweet created a furore in Bengal politics as BJP leaders accused him of harming the party despite being rewarded plum posts in the past by the central leadership.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP and national vice-president Dilip Ghosh, said, “It is unfortunate that those who were given due respect by the party are now raising their voice against the party. If he does not like the party anymore, who is stopping him from quitting?”

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